The Grommet Master

Are you looking for a solution to set eyelets in your fabric faster and more efficiently? You can do this with the innovative Grommet Master. The Grommet Master is a grommet machine that automatically places the eyelets for you. The built-in software allows you to communicate with the machine, making it easy to extract data from your machine. This allows you to optimise and control your production process.

What is a Grommet Master?

The Grommet Master is the latest machine for the processing of eyelets. After the hand presses, semi-automatic and full automatic eyelet machines, Fepatex has now introduced a new range of machines on the market. Machines that have not been developed before.

A Grommet Master consists of a number of parts:

  • Air table
  • Full automatic eyelet machine
  • Camera & monitor
  • Productivity software
  • Network connection

High quality air table
The air table of a Grommet Master is a modularly constructed table that blows air between the table and your fabric. This allows your fabric to float slightly above the table, making it easy and quick to work on.

The standard size of an high quality air table is 6 x 3 meters. It is made up of 5 modules of 1.20 meters, each module having its own turbine. Of course, not every fabric is equally heavy. This has also been taken into account. Each turbine can be set to a harder and softer position.

In order to prevent malfunctions in the system, a speed delay has been built in. Due to this delay it isn’t possible to set more than 1 ring per 2 seconds. This prevents malfunctions in the machine. So you can process 1800 eyelets per hour with this machine.

Furthermore a Grommet Master has a stop guide of 2 x 2 meters, with a start and a finish position and the air table is professionally finished with a stainless steel frame.

Full automatic grommet machine FM 239
The Grommet Master eyelet machine is always a custom made full automatic eyelet machine FM 239. This is a very fast and reliable eyelet machine, with an automatic feeding of the eyelets and washers.

This will process grommets from 10 - 18 mm. The setting speed is set on 2 seconds per eyelet. This equates to the processing of 1800 eyelets per hour.

The FM 239 on the Grommet Master has a number of modifications compared to the original FM 239:

  • The eyelet machine can be rotated 180 degrees, both towards the table and towards the employee.
  • The machine is adjustable in speed for 2 seconds, to avoid malfunctions.
  • An automatic supply of eyelets and washers.
  • The eyelet machine can be operated independently: manually or through an automatic detection system.

Camera & monitor
By means of the camera and the monitor, it is possible to follow the production process of the Grommet Master from your screen. You can choose from 2 options:

  • Option 1: with camera and monitor.
  • Option 2: with camera and monitor with automatic detection on the print marks.

Productivity software
The Grommet Master also has professional software that records the productivity of your employees. This allows you to control the production process and keep it as efficient as possible. This productivity software has a number of standard features:

  • Employee tag, each employee must log in before use.
  • 3 levels: Operator / Service / Administrator.
  • Record of efficiency per hour and per shift.
  • Error detection.
  • Production hours vs not workable hours.
  • Reporting per shift to production manager.
  • Network connection with Fepatex for support.

In addition to the standard features of this productivity software, the software can also be expanded with:

  • Placing Grommet Master in your company's workflow.
  • Recognizing barcodes from internal work orders.
  • Report lead time to production manager.
  • You can always discuss your own wishes.

GM Hopperbox
In addition to all of the above, the GM Hopperbox is optionally available from a Grommet Master. The GM Hopperbox is a refill system for the Grommet Master. This Hopperbox is connected to the Grommet Master via a hose. This makes it easy to refill your Grommet Master. You can do this manually with a pneumatic switch or via an automatic detection point. As soon as the grommets come below a certain level, the GM hopperbox automatically fills in the grommets in your Grommet Master. In the GM Hopperbox fits 5000 - 10000 eyelets.

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