GM 500

2 Full automatic eyelet machines to place 2 eyelets at the same time in your fabric.

The GM 500 is a Grommet Master with 2 full automatic eyelet machines that places 2 eyelets in your fabric at the same time. The GM 500 is placed on a casing and excluding an air table. However, on request the GM 500 can also be ordered including an air table.

Advantages GM 500

The GM 500 places 2 eyelets at the same time, due to the 2 eyelet machines placed on the GM 500. One of the machines is fixed. The other machine is automatically adjusted to the width of the fabric. This way, the machines work simultaneously on both sides of the fabric.

Dimensions GM 500

The standard width of the GM 500 is 50 cm, with a maximum width of 80 cm. In addition to the standard width, the GM 500 can also be ordered up to a maximum width of 2 meter. The maximum width of the fabric is 140 cm.

With the GM 500, the employee manually inserts the fabric into the Grommet Master. Would you rather have the feeding of the fabric done automatically? Then choose the GM 502.

GM 502

The GM 502 is equivalent to the GM 500, but with an automatic feed of the fabric. The GM 502 has an automatic transport system that transports your fabric through the eyelet machines.

Do you want to know more about the GM 500 or the GM 502? Please contact one of our account managers. We will be happy to help and advise you on a suitable Grommet Master.

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