GM 2000

GM 2000

2 Full automatic eyelet machines with high quality air table for an efficient production process.

The GM 2000 is composed of 2 full automatic eyelet machines with an air table for efficient processing of eyelets. The camera with monitor and the productivity software ensure that your production process runs as smoothly as possible. This allows you to keep control during the entire production process. The reports ensure that you can optimise the production process as much as possible.

The standard dimension of the air table for the GM 2000 is 12 x 3 meters. This air table is made up of modules of 1.20 meters, each module having its own turbine. Do you want a larger air table? This is of course possible, please take the size of the modules into account.

The GM 2000 places 2 eyelets at the same time, because there are 2 eyelet machines on the GM 2000. 1 Machine is fixed and the other machine automatically adjusts to the width of the fabric. This is how the machines work simultaneously on both sides of your fabric.

Camera & monitor GM 2000

Through the camera and the monitor, it is possible to follow the production process of the Grommet Master from your screen. This can also be done via automatic detection on the printmarks.

Productivity software GM 2000

The GM 2000 has built-in software that measures the productivity of your employees. This allows you to control the production process and keep it as efficient as possible. This productivity software has a number of standard features.

With the productivity software on the GM 2000, every employee logs in into the machine before use. The Grommet Master then measures the efficiency per hour and per shift. The machine also measures the production hours compared towards the not workable hours. The software also has an error detection. All this data is collected and mailed to the production manager as a report.

Another important advantage of the GM 2000 is the Network connection with Fepatex. The machine is connected to us, so we automatically receive a message in case of malfunctions. This way, quick switching is no problem for our service technician and you will experience as little inconvenience as possible in case of malfunctions.

The productivity software can be expanded with various reports, barcodes from internal work orders and other requirements that can be discussed with our account managers.

On the GM 2000, the GM Hopperbox is available as an option. The GM Hopperbox is a supplemental system for your Grommet Master. It is connected to the GM 2000 via a hose. This makes it easy to refill your Grommet Master. This is done manually or via an automatic detection point. As soon as the grommets come below a certain level, the GM hopperbox automatically refills your eyelets and washers. The GM Hopperbox fits 5000 - 10000 eyelets.

Do you want to know more about the GM 2000? Then please contact one of our account managers. We will be happy to answer your questions and advise you on a suitable Grommet Master.

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