Grommet Master
Grommet Master

Grommet Master

Are you looking for a faster and more efficient way to set your eyelets? Then the new innovative Grommet Master is the solution for you. The Grommet Master is a full automatic eyelet machine with an high quality air table that automatically places the eyelets for you. By means of built-in software you communicate with the machine, which makes it easy to extract data from your eyelet machine. This allows you to optimise and control your production process.

What is a Grommet Master?
The Grommet Master is the latest machine for the processing of eyelets. After the hand presses, semi-automatic and full automatic eyelet machines, Fepatex has now introduced a new range of machines on the market. Eyelet machines that haven’t been developed before.

A Grommet Master consists of a number of parts:

  • High Quality air table
  • Full automatic eyelet machine
  • Camera & monitor
  • Productivity software
  • Network connection
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The Grommet Master is available in different versions and can be ordered custom made. We deliver according the wishes of our customers.


The Grommet Master is the latest innovative eyelet machine developed by Fepatex. Fepatex produces eyelets for industrial and technical confection, signmaking (banner confection, print industry and flag industry) and the curtain industry. In addition to eyelets, Fepatex also produces eyelet machines and metal accessories. In the field of eyelets and eyelet machines Fepatex is leading.

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